Our Mission

The Now Lets Get Fit Foundation would like to invite you to join us on our journey as we help combat obesity throughout the country. Our mission is to bring the importance of a healthy lifestyle into every home in the world. People everywhere are looking for answers for their physical and mental health and we’re here to help. 

Now Lets Get Fit is designed to inform communities of the health risks and higher costs of living associated with obesity from a grassroots approach. We aim to create a fun, inspiring and interactive educational experience with special guests and health care specialists through events, educational tools and fitness activities. 

Obesity is the number one cause for many health related issues and contributes to the high cost of health care. Now Lets Get Fit was created out of the necessity to educate communities on the effects of obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle.


Never Too Late

"It’s important to provide people with resources that enable them change their lives for the better. Now Lets Get Fit Foundation is bringing healthy eating habits into homes to help jump start healthier lives. The goal is to inform and educate your entire family. This really resonated with me and something I wanted to be a part of."

— Asia Ford, Now Lets Get Fit Ambassador