Our Mission:

Path to Wellness.

Our goal is to equip individuals and families with information and tools to start making thoughtful and positive choices that will result in a healthier and happier life.


Our Mission

The Now Lets Get Fit Foundation would like to invite you to join us on our journey as we help combat obesity throughout the country. Our mission is to bring the importance of a healthy lifestyle into every home. People everywhere are looking for answers for their health and we’re here to help.

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Our Impact

Obesity has a major impact on overall health that can lead to stroke, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and mental health leading to anxiety, depression and much more. Our programs empower individuals and communities to become proactive with reversing this trend. Providing free health screenings, physical activities, health and wellness experts individuals are able to take action and towards a healthier lifestyle.


Our Programs



Kroger and Now Lets Get Fit along with our brand sponsors continue to bring free, family friendly fitness, nutritional games and activities for people of all walks of life. Each event will help improve overall health and mental wellness with simple adjustments while creating a fun and energized environment.

monthly bootcamps/Walks

Now Lets Get Fit will partner with different community ambassadors to create safe monthly bootcamps and walks throughout different communities across the country.


Our team will travel across the country visiting schools and other youth programs. In gym, auditorium and classroom settings we will educate the youth on the effects of childhood obesity and mental wellness by sharing real testimonies, fun interaction and with our platform implementing tips that will be easy for youth to relate and instill in their lives.

MY Balance app

Now Lets Get Fit has teamed with My Balance app to provide a mobile platform that is a takeaway for individuals from each event to implement into everyday life. My Balance app will provide workout plan, yoga, dancing cardio, meditation, meal preps, healthy recipes and much more tailored for the obese/overweight community but designed for everyone.


Get Involved

Here at the Now Lets Get Fit Foundation we encourage everyone to get involved in some capacity. Below are ways to join us by signing up for programs, becoming a volunteer or making a donation. We thank you in advance and want you to know that no gesture is too big or too small.


Sign Up For a Program

From our pop-up events to our monthly bootcamps there is a way for everyone to get start on a healthier path of living

Volunteer opportunities

Our current events are in the Louisville and Lexington areas of KY. If you would like to help out please click below

Make a Donation

Your contribution allows us to create inspiring and educational health and fitness events free for the public